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                             Is it enough to merely say that you're a Progressive? 
No, it isn't.  For any Democratic candidate to say that they support Medicare-for-All or make solemn vows to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid -- isn't enough - that's just housing simply human decency.  To be a Progressive in the third millennium is to be for a complete overhaul of our current political system...... 
That means ridding our Democratic Party of ALL centrists/neocon/neoliberal politicians -- and one of that kind is Congresswoman Jacky Rosen.  Her brand of Democrats stand for neoliberal policies that do anything but better humanity. Congresswoman Jacky Rosen is another Senator Joe Manchin (of West Virginia), a center-right Democrat who has voted with the Republican on critical legislation so many times as to defy logic.  
I have a list of her legislative indignities that go out the door and around the block -- just one of which puts Americans who stands against Apartheid Israel in jail for 20 years.  She supports the billionaire elites over you as well.        
Her legislative record for just the one year she's been in the Congress - speaks to whom she really is. One can but imagine if she were given 6 more years to wreak havoc how unbearable life would be for us Progressive Democrats.  
This woman and her center-right, neocon/neoliberal politics mustn't be allowed to go to the US Senate as the representative of our collective values.               


             Here are Congresswoman Jacky Rosen's [lack of] legislative accomplishments 



                                     There are allegedly 540 American Billionaires

Who claim collectively to have $2.4 trillion in accumulated wealth. Well, we know the actual figure is probably twice, three times that amount - they're notorious liars -- every last one of them.  I can't contain my complete and utter contempt for each and every last one of them - Warren Buffett gets the grand prize for being the worst of them all.  Here he is operating at his worst, and Congresswoman Jacky Rosen is right there will him helping him hurt black & brown people....
I was in Wal-Mart recently purchasing lemonade at the self check-out and when it came time to pay a notice appeared asking me if I wanted to donate to hunger?
This trillion dollar company, Wal-Mart, a top purveyor of food supplies to Americans asks the citizenry to donate to hunger -- I constantly ask myself, where do these people get their lack of a functioning moral compass?     
                                                 What is $1 Trillion Dollars?         
Our young intelligentsia have outstanding student loan debt of around $1.1 trillion.    
There is a saying,  "To whom much is given, from him/her much is expected"........
A trillion dollars is, 1,000 million dollars, well, these 540 billionaires - who will be the chief beneficiaries of the acquired skills of these college grads should come together, sit down with the government of this nation (who are sadly, making a profit from the despair of our fellow Americans) and absorb this student loan debt that will otherwise burden this invaluable group of young Americans - in perpetuity.  
The re-set button needs to be pushed on this fraudulent enterprise of our government profiting from this student loan debt crisis and the ones best situated to fix it are the billionaire class -- all of whom are on a first name basis with every member of Congress.  Will they do that, well, you know the answer already. Hell no, that's too much like right.  So, as US Senator from Nevada, I will introduce legislation for all student loan debt held by our government to be forgiven in its entirety.       

                                                           Yucca Mountain 

Nevada isn't a nuclear waste - or any other kind of trash dump, period. They'rte never use Nevada as a nuclear repository for the WORLD'S Nuclear waste with me as senator. It'll never happen. 

                                    Universal Basic Income - UBI/Citizen's Income 

A UBI or Citizen's Income is essential and the natural evolution in our capitalist system. It will afford people the much needed breathing room to plan out their own destiny, and not take whatever is offered that doesn't go far enough at meeting their everyday human needs. We have people working full time jobs that can't feed themselves....I was recently in Wal-Mart buying lemonade, and when it came time to pay the auto checkout asked me if I wanted to donate to hunger?  One of the largest purveyors of food in our American republic asks me if I wanted to give them money to feed the hungry of America.  And, BTW, A "Living Wage" is, $22.20 an hour (37 cents a minute), not $7.25 an hour... 
                                    American Foreign Policy Failures   
  The Iraq & Afghanistan Wars -- $2.4 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBACLE (and counting) 
The two ongoing wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has costs our nation - thus far - $2.4 Trillion Dollars. Two wars, that never should have been prosecuted in the first place. For the safety and security of both the Middle East, Europe and our own nation, the Bush government would have made a wiser decision to have left Saddam Hussein as dictator of Iraq. We went to war on the false premise that Saddem was working in concert with bin-Laden, well, had bin-Laden set foot inside of Saddem Hussein's Iraq at 9 am, by 5 pm he would have been dead 3 hours. The notion was absurd to all of us who knew of the Middle East and it's many players that no such allegiance existed regardless of Colin Powell's testimony to the contrary.   
When did the existence of a dictator here and there start bothering our government to the point they had to go by force and a entire region had to be set aflame to remove them?   Our government has sponsored/supported the worst dictators in the history of humanity. Need I name them all?   
Wars started in countries of a population 30 million people or less,like Iraq & Afghanistan have proven to be unmanageable -- how then can a war with a nation the size of Iran (over 81 million people) with a more than qualified army possibly be manageable - much less winnable.  Trump's flawed decision to withdraw from JCPOA will lead to a tension in the region that has the possibility to spill over into a much wider conflict. 
On May 21, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo made demands of the nation of Iran that he knows to be impossible to meet, thereby setting the stage for what will be a repeat of the lead up to the Iraq war -- if we as Americans don'tr insist that the Trump administration back down.  The other P4 +1 nations are working overtime to navigate around Trump's decision to withdraw from JCPOA  - they are planning a meeting in Vienna to set a course of action for stabilizing the situation Trump upset with the withdrawal and to live up to their nations agreements with Iran. 
What's not discussed is Nevada's own billionaire [ardent Zionist] Sheldon Adelson (a most foul man) and his corrupting effects on America's foreign policy in regards to the state of Apartheid Israel & the Middle East in general.   As we know, the Las Vegas Review Journal was the only 'viewspaper' in the nation to support Trump for president.  It was Sheldon Adelson leading the charge to have the US embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and once he got his way he donated $30 million dollars to the Republicans (essentially Adelson bribed Trump to support the move in complete disregard of all the facts that said the move was a bad one).          . 

It should also be noted that Congresswoman Jacky Rosen was in total agreement with Trump to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, thereby sparking the latest murderous onslaught of Palestinians by the IDF.  Congresswoman Rosen whose legislative voting record is so incredibly pro-Israeli as to make her [more of] a member of the Israeli Knesset, not our US Congress.   

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