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Here is a list of Congresswoman "Jack-y The Ripper" Rosen's many legislative failures 


So, don't say, "oh, I didn't know all this about her before I voted".....well,here it is, and you don't have to take Allen's word for her vileness - this reporter - Johnathan Cohn rolls it all up nice & neat.......Rosen's needed in the senate by "Progressive Democrats" like we need a bullet to the head.  She aught to go be what she really is - a republican of the worst kind.  Jacky Rosen has nothing by utter contempt for black & brown people, her voting record is testament to that fact.  


Congressman Jacky Rosen has a legislative history of having ZERO concern for black & brown people. Here she is again (link below) showing the complete lack of concern for these poor suffering children.  Congresswoman Dina Titus supported this bill to protect these poor children separated from their own parents by Trump's inhumanity -- but, not Jacky Rosen, they're not important enough to her. Her legislative priorities are the Apartheid state of Israel, she hasn't missed a beat supporting "any and all" legislation aimed at protecting Israel from every perceived obstacle. The legislation doesn't lie.  Here is the bill, no Rosen to be found. Is this reflective of your values? (Here is Rosen signing on to the bill on the 20th of June after the outcry that she hadn't bothered to do what simply human decency would dictate of any human being - the woman is a pure hypocrite of the worst kind - she's why our Democratic Party is a complete failure as an opposition party) 
1) (Rosen is front and center)

2) (this is what Rosen really thinks, who else is this legislation aimed at but black and brown people not convicted of anything). 
4) (out and out racism with targeted fiscal subterfuge by Buffett against black and brown people -- but, he couldn't pull it off without people like Rosen giving him patent to offend) 
5) (20 years in prison for BDS participants, so, the law is sedition against murderous, human rights violating Israel -- the senate version by Cardin is S.720 both introduced on the same day, March 23 2017, Rosen signed on 5 days later. These people have lost their minds, they're training us to all to be,to think like racists Zionists....)  (and lastly, this is the vote on Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands hurricane funding -- more black and brown people issues that Rosen says, 'so what, eat hay.' - Hoyer and Pelosi asked her & her faction of lout Dems not to support this vote by the rightists, to hold out for a much better deal for the people of PR & VI, but, what did Rosen do, she supported it anyway.....this is what she thinks is good enough for other Americans, they don't need electricity, and all that they had prior to the's malevolent her mentality masquerading as a Democrat while doing this absolute filth to other Americans at the worse times in their lives...this is their plans to usher in privatization of the infrastructures of both PR & VI - a slow drowning of their infrastructures and they'll throw up their hands and invite in every parasite on the planet out of sheer desperation to just live again, it's masterful in its duplicity when you think about it...they did this with Katrina in NO.....8 months later and they still don't have life's basics, it's unreal..they could only do this to black and brown people and get away with it)..
 What Democrat votes for a person like this? These are no positions for a Progressive Democrat to have as their priorities.  Are they your legislative priorities?      

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