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About Allen

                          Allen is a Black Lives Matter/Human & Civil Rights activist 

Allen got his political baptism sitting alongside his dad watching Senator Barry Goldwater's acceptance speech, in 1964.  His father, Merion Rheinhart, was a life-long union man in the city of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.   
Allen's political goals are to fight injustice wherever in the world it may be - ethnic hatred/racism in particular.  Allen regards Neoliberalism as THE vilest concept ever devised by the human mind, describing it as the vilest of all "Ism's."  
Allen is an extreme progressive candidate, and while he whole hardheartedly supported Senator Bernie Sanders for president, in 2016, his politics are to the Left of Senator Bernie Sanders on many issues facing our nation and our world.  
In the realm of foreign policy, Allen wants to partner with the Russian Federation in this battle against [fake] Islamic terrorists who hide behind the Islamic faith when they are anything but true believers in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.  
Allen seeks not a policy of belligerence (or encirclement) towards the Russian Federation, or The People's Republic of China, or the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, or any other sovereign nation (Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen).  Allen strongly believes in the universal brotherhood of man, and that together we can build a world were simply human decency is the norm.  


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