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Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis' vision of the public servant:  

 "They cannot be worthy of the respect and admiration of the people unless they add to the virtue of obedience some other virtues—the virtues of manliness, of truth, of courage, of willingness to risk positions, of the willingness to risk criticism, of the willingness to risk the misunderstanding that so often comes when people do the heroic thing."




                       An extremely important issue for all Americans to face up to.
There is a corrupt cross pollination that exists between The United States and the Apartheid state of Israel.  Congresswoman woman Jacky Rosen, and many other members of the US Congress of the United States are front and center in that corrupt cross pollination. There is a bill in both houses of congress - HR 1697 & S.720 that seeks to imprison Americans for 20 years for protesting against Israel's murderous behavior of our Palestinian sisters and brothers living in Gaza, a place which has been described by international humanitarian organizations as an open-air prison camp of nearly 2 million human beings. 
As we all know, since March 30th of this year, the IDF have indiscriminately murdered 131 Palestinians, and wounded over 13,000 - behavior that should disgrace a nation of savages, but, it hasn't disgraced the Apartheid State of Israel, at this point there is no act of inhumane barbarity that could disgrace the nation of Israel when it comes to the Palestinians. Congresswoman Jacky Rosen claims Judaism as her faith. But, I'm certain that Judaism doesn't teach genocidal murder of innocent human beings for the sake of a homeland.   
S.720 awaits Congresswoman Jacky Rosen's co-sponsorship, the only thing stopping that is you - the citizens of the state of Nevada. I ask that you send me to the US Senate to be the long overdue, unheard voice of the Palestinian people in the US Senate, to speak in support of a "one state solution." 
The state of Apartheid Israel is to be a democratic state or an Apartheid state -- it can no longer masquerade as both. Below are both House Bills for your perusal.  You as an American citizen are to be sentenced to 20 years in prison for protesting the murderous actions of the government of a foreign nation?        


Congressman Jacky Rosen has a legislative history of having ZERO concern for black & brown people. Here she is again (link below) showing the complete lack of concern for these poor suffering children.  Congresswoman Dina Titus supported this bill to protect these poor children separated from their own parents by Trump's inhumanity -- but, not Jacky Rosen, they're not important enough to her. Her legislative priorities are the Apartheid state of Israel, she hasn't missed a beat supporting "any and all" legislation aimed at protecting Israel from every perceived obstacle. The legislation doesn't lie.  Here is the bill, no Rosen to be found. Is this reflective of your values?


                The rest of Congresswoman Jacky Rosen's disgraceful legislative record




The singular, most important, #1 issue facing The United States of America........Our American Sickness - a deep ethnic hatred spanning centuries: 


My very first legislative act will be to introduce a "Companion Bill" to H.R. 40/Reparations Act.

This bill has languished in the House of Representatives for over 20 years now awaiting a companion bill in the US Senate. It was first introduced by John Conyers in 1997 and awaits a black Senator to forward a companion bill, yet, no black senator has done so -- I will do so on day one, if elected.  You will notice that as recently as March of this year there has been new co-sponsors of the bill, NOT among the new co-sponsors is Nevada Congresswoman Jacky Rosen. Congresswoman Rosen is too busy helping make billionaires like Warren Buffett richer at the expense of black and brown people or fawning over the affairs of the Apartheid Israeli state to care about the living conditions of Black-America.  Also, another of my first orders of business will be the introduction of federal legislation to classify the American Ku Klux Klan as terrorist organization.  

 (this link will clarify the aim of the legislation)  



    The deep ethnic hatred embedded in our American Republic. 


The book on [American] styled ethnic-hatred, i.e.,racism, has just gotten thicker and slicker as the centuries have progressed.

And, with it, 45 million black Americans, its daily victims to this perverse narrative, have become way too thick skinned to its madness. Black Americans need to confront American styled racism with thinner skin - and not be so accepting of it. 

With your help, I plan to do just that from the floor of the US Senate, in the 116th Congress, on January, 3, 2019. 

Black people have learned an acceptance of ethnic hatred that has severely sicked us (along with its perpetrators).

Ethnic hatred/racism, in all its forms, should be classified as a mental illness.
Its destructive affects damage both the targets of its evil, and the perpetrators with their morally bankrupt deeds.
Once more racism has made its way into the very highest heights of our national government, just as our nation was trying its best to stand itself upright in regards to racism. In 2008,  Americans of every ethnic background came together and elected the first black president of our republic -- a long overdue event. 

President Donald Trump is the latest destructive incarnation of a smoldering ethnic hatred unleashed by the election of Barack Hussein Obama for two terms. The lessons learned from Donald Trump's ascendancy to the highest office in the land, by way of the 63 million mostly white people who voted for him -- the lessons learned is that there are more racists white people in America - than there are actual black people in America. The number of people who supported Donald Trump are the proof that their are more than one racist white 'adult' for every black man, women and child in America. 

And, tens of millions of those racist adults have children who will enthusiastically carry on the legacy of ethnic hatred passed on to them like a genetic disease of the blood. ( )

As a nation we play in semantics to avoid the clear singular reason that Donald Trump was elected (his deeply racist narrative) and exactly what that says about tens of millions of white Americans.  Well, what it says is there are tens of millions of white people who are deeply, and in most cases irretrievably racists -- that's what it says.

In the history of our nation, there has been but 10 black American, US Senators.  At present, their are only 3 black people (Democrat Kamala Harris of California, Democrat Cory Booker of New Jersey and Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina) in the highest legislative body in our government - to represent the hopes and aspirations of 45 million black citizens.  Of the 100 US Senators to represent the American people, 22% are women - 2 of them are non-white, 78% are men -- 5 of them are non-white, only 3% of them are black. 

That's nothing close to proportional representation in government. 

From the first Congress, in 1789, it took 81 years, til 1870, to seat the first black senator (Hiram Revels of Mississippi) and from the 2nd (Blanche Bruce of Mississippi) to the 3rd (Republican Edward Brooke of Massachusetts) it took another 91 years - nearly a century. That's unconscionable. 

Senator Brooke, the first black Senator since the Reconstruction (and from the Northern, free state of Massachusetts during the Civil War) did absolutely nothing to further the interests and improve the lives of black Americans during his tenure in the late 1960's - in fact, he did less than zero for black people, and we can expect the same from Senator Tim Scott, in 2018, and beyond (as witnessed in his recent support of the new tax bill with nothing in it for black Americans). 

In 2016, I ran for the US Senate, and, with very little money raised I came in 2nd to the hand picked, party backed candidate (Catherine Cortez-Masto) who had $6 million plus dollars at her disposal, who went on to win the general election and be seated as Nevada's junior senator.  She wasn't required to debate, in fact she kept a low profile throughout as I laid out my case on social media. (

We are currently in the 115th Congress of the United States, and there has only been "10 black people" seated as US Senators, since 1789 (that's 229 years), I ask that you help me change this deplorable pattern of poor governance offered to 45 million black citizens, who deserve far more than they've been getting since the birth of our nation-state.   

The part all white [decent] people can play in combating ethnic hatred/racism is to be a card carrying member of our human family and understand how ethnic hatred/racism does them as much harm as it does non-white people - in many areas of life it does them more harm (this is just one of many must read articles for all decent white Americans to read and process -




                        The Criminalization of Black Girls
In plain language..........
The latest incarnation of the deep ethnic hatred in America is to criminalize young black girls at the elementary school level to make them (in the hundreds of thousands) into future inmates.  

The prison industrial complex has a plan afoot to further its profit making machine -- this slavery by another name juggernaut - by having well placed people (namely, Betty Devos at the Department of Education, Jefferson Sessions at the Department of Justice) steer young black girls into the school-to-prison pipeline.  

The two places that are supposed to safeguard their well being in our society -- public schools and law enforcement - are the very institutions acting in tandem to criminalize young black girls.   Black girls are only 16% of the student body in America, but are over 45% of the disciplinary actions dealt out daily -- even as early as kindergarten (just imagine the psychological affects of an armed white man handcuffing a 5 year old black girl -- that actually happened).    
In point of fact, if you're an inner city black female of any age, the plans in the pipeline are to make you a future inmate.  Our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives & girlfriends, are worth more to the current structure as inmates ($48,000 plus per year) then they are as free citizens of the United States.  

Send me to the U.S. Senate to stop this malevolence directed against a already suffering black America.  Our black women are 100% of our tomorrow's -- without them, there is no us.'s not a racist, it's just growing up in NYC you learn to talk like this - no harm done). 

                                   Ivy League educated black man.




Cambridge Analytica worked to suppress the vote among Black-Americans


Click this link (below) to learn all about Congresswoman Jacky Rosen's voting record in congress -- you're not going to like what you learn if you're a Progressive Democrat Nevada voter. 


 A top campaign priority is Federal level criminal justice reform. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2018 12:04 PM

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